Yorkshire Coast


Part one


Yorkshire Bay 2

Yorkshire Bay 3


The coast of Yorkshire is fabulous, so many bays to go exploring. As someone who loves finding fossils, my favourite spot is the coast south of Robin Hoods Bay where you can find a whole bunch of them in the mud scree there especially after good heavy rains.

This can be an issue for over adventurous Spaniels though.




I didn’t have a photograph of Tima when she was absolutely caked in clay. She looked something of an abominable mud-dog.

Robin Hoods Bay makes for a lovely day out even if you don’t want to go and get muddy down by the beach too. There’s a whole host of shops and eateries tucked away down there, though I can’t guarantee that they’ll be too happy if you try to bring a clay-caked dog in with you.

Robin Hoods Bay is very accessible by bus, but if you have a car, bike or are very persistent by foot there are all sorts of other nooks you can go exploring, the whole north coast area is full of exciting bits to investigate.


Yorkshire Bay 5

Yorkshire Bay

Yorkshire Bay 4

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